Special Discounts Available from Glenpark Pet Hotel

At Glenpark Pet Hotel, our prices are competitive with other facilities in the Leduc region, whether choosing our Standard, Premium or Luxury room packages. Our added price advantage is that like any good “hotel” we charge by night rather than by the day which generally means you can “save a day” on your visits with us. Our very accommodating check-in/check-out hours ensure it. That can add-up to significant savings for your pet care budget.

Over and above our fair pricing, we offer a few special discounts:

Long Term Stay Discount - 10% for guests here for the big vacay (30+ nights stay) but must be pre-paid.

Work-out-of towner Discount - 10% off for clients who require our services very frequently but often short notice and varying length of visits – negotiable based on service volume requirements. Accounts must be kept current and pre-payment required for initial visit.

Military Discount - 10% off for all Military personnel, Veterans, protective services personnel and COVID essential workers. Our nation's brave soldiers, veterans and daily protectors are well respected and appreciated here.












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