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Each new guest must have a completed New Guest Folio form as well as current vet vaccination paperwork prior to check-in. Future visits can be paperless.

Check-In / Check-Out

NOTE; We have a $2 price increase scheduled to happen on December 15, 2020

Room Type


(see Rooms, Rates and Amenities for details)

Standard Guest Room Qty: @$35 Dog per night for nights

Premium Guest Room Qty: @$45 per night for nights

Luxury Guest Room Qty: @$51 per night for nights

Additional Dog Guests sharing a room/suite Qty: @$25 Dog per night for nights


Standard Kitty Condo Qty: @$25 per night for nights

Additional Cat Guests sharing a room/suite Qty: @$20 Cat per night for nights

NOTE: Thank you for your reservation request. We will contact you by phone or email if we have any questions. A booking confirmation email or telephone call will be provided within the next 24 hours.

Prior to check-in, we require current vet vaccinations for all hotel guests. We ask all 1st time guests to completed the new guest folio form where we invite you to tell us about your pet and provide all necessary care instructions. All information is kept on file and future visits can be paperless!


Reservations, Terms & Conditions

FOR RESERVATIONS: Please call us at (780) 387-2343 or email us your reservation request by using the form on the website. We will then return call/email your confirmation. All we need is: your contact info, the dates of check in/out, number of guestrooms/suites required, guest(s) name and age & breed/size.

1st Time Guests; please complete our Guest Folio form where we collect all other info we need, such as emergency contacts and usual care routines. We’ll require this form at check-in time. You can complete it on the website. We will keep this form on file for future visits and you can update the information as necessary.

Please be aware of:

Cancellation / No Show Policy:

We ask you to provide minimum 48 hours notice of cancellation or a 2-night fee will apply on your account.

Early Check-out Policy:

Please provide minimum 24 hours notice should you wish to collect your pet earlier than their scheduled check-out date. If no notice is provided, you will be charged for the night of pickup.

Proof of vaccination requirements:

See “Vaccinations, Health & Wellness” for more details.


Long term stay discount – 10% for extended visits over 30 days but must be pre-paid.

Work-out-of towner Discount - 10% off for clients who require our services very frequently but often short notice and varying length of visits – negotiable based on service volume requirements. Accounts must be kept current and pre-payment required for initial visit.

Military Discount - 10% off for all Military personnel, Veterans, protective services personnel and COVID essential workers. Our nation's brave soldiers, veterans and daily protectors are well respected and appreciated here.

Single night stay (min-change) rates:

While we are happy to provide single night accommodation we just can’t do it for just a 1 night fee. Due to large amount of fuss and effort we apply to every visit we require a minimum charge for our services.

One (single) cat - $40

Two cats sharing - $60

One dog - $50

Two dogs sharing - $80




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