Q How has our business changed during COVID-19?

A Valet (curbside) service, outdoor only tours, strict staff protocols and increased cleaning-disinfecting routines for high-human touch areas. Our fabulous Private Pooch Playpark allows folks the chance to enjoy a totally private, fresh air, stress free experience with their dog(s). For further information see our COVID response page.

Q Are your rates competitive?

A Yes! Glenpark Pet Hotel charges by the night rather than by the day like most kennels. This means you can bring your pet in at 10am on a Friday and pick up 7pm Sunday night and we only charge for a 2 night visit compared to 3 days elsewhere. We offer a full-range of room types and services for every budget as well as some discounts. For complete pricing details please see “Room types/rates”.

Q Can I tour the full facility anytime?

A YES! We encourage you to stop by with your pet to tour the facilities at any time during our regular hours (10am – 7pm). Your pet(s) are welcome to tour as well but please bring along their current vaccination papers for safety’s sake. NOTE: during COVID-19, we are offering modified outdoor tours.

Q Are you easy to find?

A YES! Glenpark Pet Hotel is located in Leduc County, just South of the City of Leduc, and just minutes from the Edmonton International Airport. Please view our Contact Page for our scenic and serene rural route address, precise directions and a Google map. We feature beautiful country views with lovely walking paths and no neighbors!

Q Can we arrange for pick up/return home pet taxi service?

A Yes! If you are pressed for time, we can help with home pick-up and return home service as well as airport rendezvous service. See Additional Services page for more information.

Q How do I make a booking; what do I need?

A From our home page just click our convenient BOOKING REQUEST button or give us a phone call at 780-387-2343 between 9 am and 9 pm daily. We've included on our website all the information we felt was most important to our clients, but if you still have a question or just want to chat please call us or email using our CONTACT FORM. First time guests also need to complete the NEW GUEST FOLIO form.

Q What should I bring?

A Please don’t forget the vaccination documentation (better yet, submit ahead of your visit). Besides that, just like packing for a child going off to camp, your pets will want to bring items from home to make their stay more familiar and comfortable. We strongly recommend you provide their regular food and treats – good to keep that part of life “regular”. As well they may enjoy bringing a bed or blankie (washable) that smells like home and maybe a well loved (but not irreplaceable) safe indoor toy. We have lots of blankets/beds here as well as stainless steel dishes/water buckets. For a full exploration of what is appropriate, please view Luggage from Home.

Q Can you cater to special diets, allergies, administering medications or therapy needs?

A YES! Glenpark Pet Hotel regularly caters to many special needs pets. Twice daily regular medications are included on the house! Every meal is custom-made and we have fridge, freezer & deep-freeze on site so can readily support your homemade, raw, vegetarian or any other special diet. We care for a number of Veterinarians' personal pets and enjoy referrals from many wonderful Edmonton and area vet clinics. For more information or more complex requirements please see our Medications/Special Needs/Pet Rehab pages.

Q Are there special programs for Youngsters and Oldsters

A YES and YES! They count as "special needs." Our caring staff have the training and experience necessary to properly care for your precious pet whatever their age; from puppies and kittens to the doggie and kitty codgers that require a bit more care and gentle attention due to their age.

Q Do you have flexible business hours?

A YES! And easy to remember too! We are open to the public daily from 10 am to 7 pm for check-ins, check-outs or tours. We also offer pre-arranged after hours pick-up and drop-off for a small fee.

Q What if my dog(s)/cat(s) don’t like other dogs/cats?

A No worries! We don’t mix the guests. All facilities and services, both indoors and outdoors are private and personal to each owners pet(s). We call it the No-Peer-Pressure Petcare Program! This approach is generally far less stressful for most dogs and cats and considerably safer and more hygienic for everyone. NOTE: supervised “pooch playdate” service is offered only to approved regular guests and is dependant on suitable play buddy availability at time of visit.

Q Is staffing sufficient to care for my pet(s)?

A Our Pet Hotel maintains an industry high ratio of staff to guests. We operate two shifts daily so you can be assured your pets' caregivers are fresh, energized and engaged. Our roster of employees includes 4-6 full time staff (including a groomer and a dog trainer) complimented by a fabulous team of 10-15 part-timers (students mostly) who jump in for extra help with our busy seasons and some evening and weekend shifts. The Glenpark Pet Hotel “Pawprietors” live on-site for 24-hour security and your peace of mind.

Q How will I relax on my holiday? Can I check in on my pet(s)?

A Our friendly, professional staff and management are available to answer your questions between 9-9 daily. Clients are welcome to check in by phone or email for updates on their pets’ holiday. Regular weekly posts are made on Facebook featuring our guests of the week.

Q Can I do a trial night or daycare day?

A Yes! Please call our office at (780) 387-2343 to schedule a trial visit but we recommend you start with a tour!

Q What if my pet is anxious? What if he/she won’t eat?

A Our caring, attentive staff are experienced at dealing with nervous or uncertain furry guests. Staff ensure every pet is eating their custom made meal prepared from the specific feeding instructions. If necessary, we have a few 'tricks' in the fridge, as well. (usually a spoonful of hi-fat, unflavoured yogurt added to kibble, will get us some interest... we call it "kick up") We foster trust with your pet and provide consistency and routine (and fun) with their scheduled basic daily activities and individual preferences like walks, ball, training, treadmill, snuggle and tuck-in sessions.

Q What if it is extremely cold / hot weather?

A We love to play snowball in the winter and kiddie pools in the summer out in our big play-yards but when temps get extreme hot or cold extra precautions need apply. Every dog is different and our caring pet minders make certain conditions are appropriate for your pets outdoor exposure time. We offer alternatives to outdoor play during inclement weather including options like our treadmill treks or a shorter walk or ball session topped up with time to enjoy extra belly rubs in our cozy guestroom. We have covered outdoor “nature call runs” where each dog can do any necessary business in their own space privately. These runs are protected under a poleshed with wind break on 3 sides to provide shelter from the elements in a dry protected area. Note: Cats are indoors only in comfortable climate controlled setting. We hope in future to build an outdoor kitty explore enclosure.

Q Can you help us arrange to ship a pet through Air Cargo service?

A Yes! Ask us about our convenient, worry-free Pet Air Travel service.

Q Do you offer discounts for specific groups or individuals?

A Yes! We offer a 10 percent military discount to honour our troops, veterans and first responders. We also offer long-term stay discounts and special rates for clients who work out-of-town and whose pets need to regularly visit for shorter but frequent stays. Please call us for more details.

Q What do they do all day? – How does it work?

A Our Glenpark Team enjoys delivering our furry 4-legged guests a full daily program. Pets and small children prosper with routine. Scheduled feedings & meds, private walks, treadmill treks, training, playards (ball), scratching, snuggling, nap-times and even bed-time story reading - activities all designed to keep your pet happy and content. We aim to make their stay relaxing, fun and safe.

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