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Boarding your cat at Glenpark Pet HotelBoard your Cat at Glenpark Pet Hotel

Some say our kittycat condos are a well kept secret… we only have 7 and they’re often occupied by feline family members that come to stay along with their dog siblings. Our cat building is separate from the dog facilities in a remodeled modular home. We’ve created a quiet, cozy and somewhat “home like” environment with all the creature comforts.

Standard package $30/night

Comfortable multi-level private condo. Two room service meals daily plus “run of the cat room” exercise, play and explore time. Bedtime treats, night lights and lullabies complete their daily routine. Staff affection and attention included with each service.

Premium package $35/night

As above standard package plus daily 15 minute personal attention session. Recommended for cats who enjoy &/or require daily grooming (brush.comb) or simply just crave/need the extra daily 1-on-1 cuddle and pet time.

For multiple cat families, we can bunk together for just $25/night for each additional cat sharing no matter the room type.

If sharing a condo must be BFF’s, able to share cozy quarters and (same) food/water dishes and litter box.
Another option we can offer family cats is adjoining room arrangements where each has their own condo but a panel we slide out allows them to travel back and forth. A popular option for pairs of cats that are mates but still like their own space and individual food/water and litter arrangements.

The 2nd cat discount does NOT apply in the adjoining room arrangement as they are occupying 2 condos.

NOTE: All Room rates are per night with fabulously flexible check-in/out times!

Single night stay minimum charge fee: While we are happy to provide single night accommodation we just can’t do it for just a 1 night fee. Due to large amount of fuss and effort we apply to every visit we require a minimum charge for our services.

  • Single cat here for just 1 night fee is $40.00 for the night
  • Two cats sharing for just 1 night fee is $60.00 for the night

Long weekends/major holidays

  • There is a 3 night minimum for stays during a long weekend


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Some suggestions…

Some recommendations to make this the best possible experience for you and your pet (especially first time boarders):

We strongly recommend you check-in your pet at the Hotel during a time when you are not too rushed, stressed or anxious for any reason. (i.e. don’t do it in a panic on the way to the Airport running late).

It is important your pet feels your positive energy about what’s going on and for you to leave them feeling upbeat and confident with the experience.

We further suggest that when your pet first comes home you only allow moderate amounts of food and water for the first few hours until everyone has settled down. The excitement and joy of being reunited with you and going home can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for them

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