glenpark Dog boarding room types and rates

glenpark Accommodations, Amenities & Rates

At Glenpark Pet Hotel we offer choices for every dog and pet family budget.

Standard Guestrooms

They come in several sizes to accommodate different size dogs at our most competitive rates. The standard amenities package is included and you are welcome to add additional services or amenities to suit.
RATE: $35/night

Premium Guestrooms

These are for those dogs wanting a bit more personal staff time and attention. Depending on the dog and home routine some dogs just need more 1-on-1. Premium amenities are provided to these dogs in the standard sized guestrooms.
RATE: $45/night

Luxury Theme SuitesGlenpark Pet Hotel's Luxury Theme Suites

These are popular with our most pampered pet families – especially for those with multiple dogs or the single spoiled pooch who wants a great big room all for themselves. Our XL size 8’ x 8’ Luxury Suites include the Premium amenities package.
RATE: $51/night


NOTE; We have a $2 price increase scheduled to happen on December 15, 2020


Additional family dog(s) sharing

For multiple dog families we can bunk together for just $25/night for each additional dog sharing no matter the room type.

NOTEThere is a maximum of 3 family dogs per room (depending on pet size, room size, selection and availability).

NOTE: All Room rates are per night with fabulously flexible check-in/out times!

Single night stay minimum charge fee: While we are happy to provide single night accommodation we just can’t do it for just a 1 night fee. Due to large amount of fuss and effort we apply to every visit we require a minimum charge for our services.

  • Single dog here for just 1 night fee is $50.00 for the night
  • Two dogs sharing for just 1 night fee is $80.00 for the night

Amenity options – a’ la carte

Some clients will choose some extra amenities for the dog(s) in addition to the standard or premium amenities packages provided. Those include:

  • Raised bed platform &/or double thick bed cushions$1/night
  • Night time privacy curtain$1/night
  • Extra 15 min caregiver 1-on-1 attention session$6.00 ea
  • Bedtime 5 min tuck in and story time session$3.00 ea


First Time Guest Booking Room


Some suggestions…

Some recommendations to make this the best possible experience for you and your pet (especially first time boarders):

We strongly recommend you check-in your pet at the Hotel during a time when you are not too rushed, stressed or anxious for any reason. (i.e. don’t do it in a panic on the way to the Airport running late).

It is important your pet feels your positive energy about what’s going on and for you to leave them feeling upbeat and confident with the experience.

We further suggest that when your pet first comes home you only allow moderate amounts of food and water for the first few hours until everyone has settled down. The excitement and joy of being reunited with you and going home can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for them.


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