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Can be stand-alone or added to a reservation.A dog being groomed at Glen Park Pet Hotel

Grooming is offered to our boarding/daystay guests first but we do have some availability for “groom only“ clients as well. Please use our booking request form if you are looking for a groom only appointment.

Boarding/daystay clients are invited to add “Go Home Fresh” grooming service to your visit on their booking request form

$50 and up

NOTE: We are not an up-town retail grooming parlor – we don’t do breed specific haircuts nor the fancy foo-foo stuff. We do a great job of getting dogs brushed out, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, bathed up all clean and tidy, as well as hair trim, if/as required.

Dog Training

Glenpark dog training

At this time, we are NOT offering group or private session client training services. We do still provide some in-house training (Puppy Basics and Teen/Adult Etiquette) for our boarding/daystay guests.

For more info on our in-house training please contact us.
If you are looking for a group or private personal lesson, we highly recommend the Naughty Boyz Dog Training Team in south Edmonton.  For a directory of great trainers in Alberta, please go to the Alberta Force Free Alliance site. Always use positive reinforcement trainers only.

This service is available as an add-on to your boarding/daystay booking. 

Pet Taxi

Glenpark Pet Taxi service

Like many fine hotels, Glenpark offers guest limo shuttle service for arrivals and/or departures at the Edmonton International Airport. We can come to your home or meet you at the Airport to collect and/or return the pet(s) and their luggage, saving you time and mileage.

Pet Pick-up/return home times are between 10AM – 7PM at mutually convenient time. Service must be pre-arranged, is not available as on-call. Rates vary depending on location. Please contact us for more information.

Airport Rendezvous service is available 9AM – 8PM daily. We meet you and your vehicle (or ride) at the 7-11 on the access road by the airport. Please pre-arrange. Rate is $50

Please contact us to pre-arrange your pet taxi service. This service is available as an add-on to your boarding/daystay booking. 

Pet Air Travel service

Can be stand-alone or added to a reservation

Pet Air Travel - Glenpark Pet Hotel can help with that

Pet air travel assistance is a service we’ve provided for many years. Pets need to fly for a variety of reasons and won’t always have their human(s) on board. We can pick-up pets at the Airport terminal or air cargo area, care for them overnight (or longer) and return to the airport on time for their next flight.

Perhaps you’ve purchased a new puppy that is being shipped from up north or down south and needs to travel thru Edmonton enroute to their new home destination.

Maybe you are travelling through Edmonton and have an overnight layover but your large breed dog is not allowed to stay with you at your hotel or needs to catch a different flight.

Moving? The house pack up can be upsetting for pets and even dangerous when the movers are on scene, doors propped open and all sorts of strange and stressful activity going on. Pets have a better time staying with us, enjoying their activity filled days while the family travels and unpacks and check fences are secure. When everyone is ready we send the pets on their way to arrive safe and sound to their waiting families.

If your pet needs to fly thru Edmonton International Airport we can help. We can offer tips and suggestions to ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience for your pet. For more info and rates please contact us.


Medical rehab services

Glenpark Pet Hotel offers Medical Rehab for your pet

Recovering from a Veterinary procedure or surgery can be a difficult time for pets and families in busy households. Meds, pain and cone collar management is all extremely important for the pet to recover quickly and with the best possible outcomes. We can help get your pet thru this difficult time – we live in a very controlled world here. No coffee table or lamps to bump into and our staff ensure meds are well stashed in yummy treats (pill pockets or cheese or peanut butter etc) and are gobbled down on schedule.

From your vets instructions we can provide muscle massage or physio specific exercises to aid in limb and joint recoveries. We can ensure strict bed rest or restricted exercise programs as directed. Sometimes a little tough love is needed which can be hard for the busy family – we make sure to get it right the first time.  For dogs in mid-recovery mode with mobility issues we can offer treadmill orientation and short controlled treadmill trek sessions if appropriate for their recovery.  Please contact us for more info.

This service is available as an add-on to your boarding/daystay booking. 

Dog Treadmill

Glenpark offers treadmill exercise for you dog

Time spent on treadmill is an excellent work out, both mental and physical, for your dog. For the busy urban dog family, getting the dog enough exercise (particularly in the winter months) can be a challenge.

Our patient staff will introduce your dog to the treadmill using many treats, lots of all-positive encouragement and baby slow progressive steps. Every dog is different but for most 4-6 orientation sessions (20 min. each time) over 2-3 days will generally get the dog comfortable, confident and trekking along…

Contact us for more information.

This service is available as an add-on to your boarding/daystay booking. 

  • Treadmill orientation is priced at $60 total for the 4-6 intro sessions.
  • Treadmill trek rates:
  • 15 minutes (5 min warm up walk + 5 min TREK time + 5 min cool down walk) $10 each
  • 20 minutes (5 min warm up walk + 10 min TREK time + 5 min cool down walk) $13 each
  • 25 minutes (5 min warm up walk + 15 min TREK time + 5 min cool down walk) $15 each

Treadmill service is available as an add-on to your boarding/daystay booking.

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