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Glenpark Pet Hotel Vaccination Policy

As per proper animal health protocols established by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, we require all our guests to have up-to-date core vaccination documents showing required renewal dates .

NOTE: puppies and kittens under 6 months age are not required to have their rabies vaccine but must have at least their 2nd set of booster shots completed.

Please scan or snap pic and email to us or bring them along at check in time (but don’t forget 'em). We’ll keep a copy on file for future visits as long as they remain current.

**NOTE: Mandatory vaccines
As a licensed boarding facility in Leduc County certain vaccines are required by law. Should your Veterinarian recommend not to administer any of these vaccines to your pet, we can accept a letter of good health and exemption from the Vet dated within 30 days prior to the visit.  We will also accept current dated Titre tests in lieu of vaccinations.

Please consult with your vet and have all necessary vaccinations administered at least 7 days prior to your visit with us.


For dogs, we require 3 basic vaccinations.

  1. Rabies (Mandatory)
  2. Distemper/Parvo combo (DHPP or similar) (Mandatory)
  3. Bordetella* (canine cough) (strongly recommended but not required)

* NOTE: Bordetella (canine cough) and Canine Parainfluenza Virus. This vaccine is strongly recommended for boarding dogs but is not a mandatory requirement at this time. Please discuss this common ailment with your Veterinarian.


Cats are required to have the following vaccines:

  1. Rabies
  2. Feline combination (FCVR or FVRCP)
  3. Feline Lukemia (FeLV) vaccine

Please consult with your Vet and have their vaccinations administered at least 7 days prior to check in date.


Specials needs is what we do best...

Glenpark is well known by clients and Vets for our great care with special needs pets. Because we don't "mix" our guests here pets can thrive and enjoy their holiday without the requirement to be social with any others. They enjoy lots of individual attention, fresh air, fun and exercise without the expectation to wrestle/tussle a group of playmates. While we have always social distanced our guests here we do offer a "buddy program" for our regular guest social dogs. These social guests can play with our resident hotel ambassador girl Rosa or with other suitable playmates who may be here at the same time. 

Sadly in the animal world  (and human too) those that are "different" are often bullied and may not do well in group situations. Those may include young/old pets who require extra care and caution due to age related concerns or pets with health issues that need medication or restricted exercise or rehab therapy. For some it may be a behavioral situation like separation anxiety or fearfulness or reactivity. We can provide safe quality care for these special pets. We're happy to invest the extra to help them settle in quickly, get to know them and help them find their comfort zone, confidence and fun button!


Glenpark Pet Hotel Medication and Medical Emergency Policies

No Charge for Medication Dispensing (twice per day)

The trained personnel at Glenpark Pet Hotel are happy to provide simple administration of pill or liquid-form prescriptive medicines at no extra charge. Pets requiring further medical attention including insulin shots, meds more than twice per day, dressing changes, or other health-related procedures, will be charged an additional $2-$5. We are very well known for our exceptional care of "special needs" pets. Please contact us, we can help.

Medical Emergency Protocols:

If a pet becomes ill or if the state of the pet’s health otherwise requires professional attention, we will engage the services of a veterinarian or give other requisite attention to the pet. Any expenses incurred (including travel costs) shall be paid by the Owner. Every attempt will be made to get the pet to their own vet but if time of day/distance does not permit, we will contact our own on-call vet for the timeliest service. Please advise us of any pre-existing medical conditions on the New Guest Folio.


Medical rehab services

Recovering from a Veterinary procedure or surgery can be a difficult time for pets and families in busy households. Meds, pain and cone collar management is all extremely important for the pet to recover quickly and with the best possible outcomes. We can help get your pet thru this difficult time – we live in a very controlled world here. No coffee table or lamps to bump into and our staff ensure meds are well stashed in yummy treats (pill pockets or cheese or peanut butter etc) and are gobbled down on schedule.

From your vets instructions we can provide muscle massage or physio specific exercises to aid in limb and joint recoveries. We can ensure strict bed rest or restricted exercise programs as directed. Sometimes a little tough love is needed which can be hard for the busy family – we make sure to get it right the first time.  For dogs in mid-recovery mode with mobility issues we can offer treadmill orientation and short controlled treadmill trek sessions if appropriate for their recovery.  Please contact us for more info.

This service is available as an add-on to your boarding/daystay booking. 

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