Room Service at Glenpark Pet Hotel  •  Custom Care for Your Best Friend 

Feeding Time Options to conform to your pets' regular routine

Meals are served 2 times daily (8:30 am / 5:30 pm). Puppies and special medical needs guests can be fed more frequently. As all our guestrooms & suites are private, we can permit pets to free feed (graze) throughout the day, if that is their usual routine and your preference. We request you provide us with written feeding instructions on your New Guest Folio form. We provide stainless steel food dishes and water buckets – you can bring your own plastic dish if you wish but no glass or ceramic, please.

We strongly recommend you provide your pets’ usual food and snacks for them to enjoy during their stay. This will decrease any possibility of stomach upset. We can provide dry kibble food at a cost of $1/cup if required.

We are fridge food friendly

Fridge, freezer and deep freeze are available on site for canned, fresh home-made, or raw diets. Special meals are no problem so long as the instructions are clear. For kibble diets please provide ration instructions in CUPS (as in measuring cup). For the grazer types, please determine what amount the pet goes through in an average day so we know what’s normal. Water buckets are provided in every room, cleaned daily and topped up regularly throughout the day.

Glenpark offers special treats tooWhat's a holiday without snacks?

In addition to their meals, there are three daily “treat times” as part of our routine. We like to offer our guests a treat mid-morn, mid-aft and bed-time, to compliment our breakfast and supper meal services. We welcome their usual treats sent from home but no rawhide or pig ears please. We have Milkbone dog treats and Temptations cat type treats flowing freely for those who don’t bring their own. If your pet has a sensitive tummy or allergies, be sure to provide treats for us to give them that you know they enjoy and tolerate well.

Our frozen homemade treats and “Pet Puzzles” are a yummy way to provide a special afternoon treat and enrichment time. Our creative staff make wonderful yummy frozen treats with peanut butter, yogurt, pumpkin, berries, veggies, busted cookie bits etc. We can do special ones for allergy dogs as well. These are available for $2.75 each. We suggest no more than 1 per day.

For those that enjoy a real good chew we offer custom-sized, carefully cleaned and inspected frozen RAW beef femur “butcher bones” for dogs for just $3.50 each.  They’ll enjoy it for several days and scale their teeth while they’re at it! We suggest no more than 2 per week.  

Bedtime treat service is offered to every guest in our hotel. Luxury Suite and premium guests and those opting for the tuck-in amenity enjoy individual bed-time stories quietly read, accompanied by relaxing rubs sending the Pets off to sleep with a smile.



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